【Video】Active Gaming Media’s Game Localization Services: The AGM Advantage

*Japanese Audio with English and Chinese Subtitles

Game Translation/Localization Services

The main benefit of Active Gaming Media’s translation and localization services is the ability to directly translate into the target language by native speakers. While finding translators to translate from Japanese to English may not be so hard, what about other languages?

For example, translators who can translate from Japanese directly into European languages such as French or Spanish are rare. As many translators can translate from English, to overcome this problem it is common to first translate Japanese into English, then into the respective European languages. However, as explained in the video, when translating with a bridge language in-between, it’s almost impossible to keep the original nuances of the language, as well as costing extra time and money.

At Active Gaming Media, we have staff from over 20 different nationalities, ensuring that we can provide high quality translations that correctly communicate the original nuance and intent into the target language.

Translation/Localization Portfolio: https://activegamingmedia.com/en/portfolio/service

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