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In the last blog, we touched on subtitle translation. The amount of requests we’ve gotten for subtitle translation has been increasing recently. Usually what comes to mind when thinking of subtitling is movies, anime, and Youtube videos, but requests from regular companies for videos like the ones listed below are on the rise as well.

  1. Videos introducing a company on their website’s home page
  2. Videos for internal distribution
  3. Webinars

I believe there’s a connection between the coronavirus and the increase in requests for company introduction videos and webinar subtitling. All companies, AGM included, have had to cut down on the amount of face to face meetings, and webinars have become the norm. Running companies like we did before the pandemic is getting difficult, and I believe it’s time for a new style of business (We often get contacted by companies using various sales tools, landing pages, and digital marketing).

Subtitling a company introduction video is one strategy to bring in new customers. By putting a subtitled video on your homepage, people from all over the world can learn about your company. Webinars are the same. I’m sure more and more companies will come to us subtitling requests, and to let the world know more about Japanese companies’ amazing technology, we want to continue accepting them.

The internal video subtitling requests we get are mostly for training videos. This is likely on the rise as more and more Japanese companies are hiring people from outside of Japan. At AGM, we offer not just subtitling, but also offer narration recording in many languages.

Here’s an overview of our subtitle translation process at AGM:

  1. Overwriting/Creating SRT files

If we receive a video with subtitles, first we overwrite the original text (We can do this for many languages, not just Japanese).


2. Translation check by native speakers

Once the subtitles have been overwritten, we have them checked by a native speaker.


3. SRT timing adjustments

We put the SRT file in the video, then adjust the timing and length of the subtitles.


4. Final check by native speaker

We have a native speaker watch the video to make sure the contents have been accurately conveyed, there aren’t any issues with the lines, and that the length of each subtitle is sufficient.


5. Delivery 

The video with the subtitles, the SRT file, and the translated file (in excel format) are sent to the customer in when and how they choose.

We can handle everything from entertainment content to inter-company videos, and we have many flexible options for translation. If you think you might want to try translating videos, contact us anytime.

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