Game Localization Language Ranking (AGM 2020 Summary 1)

2021 is here!

Last year the coronavirus made lots of things difficult. People were claiming that the game industry was in good shape, but we also heard reports of a few release dates being pushed back due to development delays, so I feel that we can’t say the entire game industry was doing well.

During all this, in 2020 AGM did a lot of manga localization in addition to game localization.

So I’ve put together a rough approximation of AGM’s localization items in 2020.

2020 Localization/Translation Summary

There were 6000J localization/translation items in 2020. Of those language pairs, I put together the ones that were requested the most.

  1. Japanese > Other languages

The language most translated from Japanese was English. As touched upon in the previous blog (Top Languages You Should Localize Into), when you localize a game into foreign languages, there are a lot of companies that start with English.

We sum it up with the word “English,” but of course, there is American and British English. There are some clients who get very specific and request their games to be localized into British English, but we’ve combined these two into a single category.

Aside from English, there’s Chinese (Simplified and Traditional), as well as many European languages such as French, Spanish, German.

2. Other languages > Japanese

This is a graph of other languages localized/translated into Japanese. Even in this direction, English is the most popular. If you add American English and British English together, they make up 90% of of the localized/translated items.

3. Other languages > Other languages

Unlike above, we also did translations from and into languages that weren’t Japanese. As AGM is a translation company in Japan, often we’ll be translating from Japanese into other languages, but there are also requests from companies in other countries that will ask for localization involving other languages in a set, like English to Japanese, and then from English to Chinese, and Korean. For example, localization for game companies in Europe and America trying to break into the Asian market. There’s also a few cases of English to European languages, and Asian languages to European languages and English.

What do you think? This is just data from our company, but maybe it will be a good reference for companies considering localizing their products.

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