Implementing Multiple Language Translation

While the translation and voice recording of in-game text can be outsourced to qualified companies, no matter which you choose, the implementation of translated text and voice files requires an in-house engineer. Yet we often hear that just when an engineer is necessary, they’re not around. They’re on vacation, or have left the company, or are busy working on another project.

Along with the above, for international releases there’s usually a desire to release a game not just on PS4 and Switch, but Steam as well. At AGM, along with translation and voice recording, we’re capable of both implementing the files in the game and porting it. We hope you’ll look into reusing and effectively utilizing your content through localization, embedding, and porting. In truth, many complain recent games are all remakes or remasters.

The other issue we hear about aside from the lack of engineers, is the lack of native language speakers. For example, say translated in-game text needs to be adjusted to a new line because it doesn’t fit in the text box, but you aren’t sure where to put the line break. Or you want to shorten a sentence but aren’t sure if it still works in context, or are unsure how the chosen font looks to a native speaker. At AGM, we have native speakers of multiple languages, so we can handle any and all of these issues.

For multiple languages, be it a one stop shop or a la carte services for translation, voice recording, implementation, QA (system, language), international PR support, customer support, community management, or supervision, you can leave everything up to us without worry. We offer comprehensive language services that other development companies aren’t capable of.

We previously did an interview about our implementation services at AGM that can be read here.


Implementation and porting require a lot of work done in the background, and there isn’t much of the actual work we can post, but on the below link you’ll see a few examples of our localization and implementation/porting work.

Please contact us anytime. We have many achievements other than those listed, including with partner companies.


More Than Localization/Translation

Active Gaming Media is more than a translation company, we are a one-stop-shop for many of our clients. We provide a variety of services such as localization, promotion, voice over, community management and so much more.

Deep Dive – Cris Tales

Today, let’s dive into our promotion sector and let’s look at how we were able to pull off the Japanese promotion for the popular indie JRPG game, Cris Tales.

The Process

It all starts on the drawing board where our promotion team sits down, analyzes and discusses Cris Tales. We understood from the get go that since Cris Tales was heavily inspired by Japanese games, it was important to echo that through strong influencer and media outreach. Once we understood the players this game was made for and conducted our own internal market research for the game, we had a clear path ahead.

Press Release – 3 Press Release

AGM sent out multiple press releases to 60+ game media outlets in Japan and it was picked up by some of the top media outlets such as Famitsu, 4Gamer, and many more. These press releases were strategically timed to concentrate on subjects that would be really important to the Japanese gamers. 

Press Release #1: Introducing Cris Tales to the Japanese Audience (Pre-Launch)
Press Release #2: Announcing official Japanese Release Date (Pre-Launch)

Press Release #3: Introducing Launch Trailer (Launch Day)

Media Interview – 7 Interviews

Once the word was out and people were engaging on social media about Cris Tales on Twitter, we knew we needed to hit the media pedal harder and were able to organize interviews with multiple game media outlets in Japan – AUTOMATON, GAME Watch, 4Gamer, Game.Spark and more. This deep dive into the game helped increase the Twitter conversation about Cris Tales and just like that even before it’s release, it created huge excitement among the gaming community.

Media – Banner Advertisements

Banner ads are really effective in the Japanese market and we set out to get Cris Tales the banner advertisements that would help it reach the correct target audience. We were able to secure multiple banner advertisements that generated an overall 1 million impressions.

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Courtesy: AUTOMATON-Media

Game Key Distribution (Media + Influencer) – 100+ Influencer Posts, 15+ Media Posts, Multiple Banner Advertisements and Giveaways

Getting the right influencer for the game is key. We set out to create a concrete list of influencers who we believe would be the perfect fit for Cris Tales and it’s genre. This was followed by key distribution with some top influencers and media getting exclusive first looks at the game and many more video uploads by influencers before and after the release of the game.

The AGM Difference 

Doing a promotion is easy, doing a research based promotion like the one we conducted for Cris Tales is what sets AGM apart from the other promotion companies out there. We don’t have a boxed mentality when it comes to promotion, we are ready to experiment, take risks and provide the client the best possible marketing experience.

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Courtesy: Famitsu Offical Twitter Accourt
画像に alt 属性が指定されていません。ファイル名: クリステール4-1.png
Courtesy: 4Gamer
画像に alt 属性が指定されていません。ファイル名: クリステール5-2-1024x197.png
Courtesy: lagoon9673 YouTube Channel

For more information about Translation/Localization and Promotion.
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