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Newzoo has released their “2020 Global Games Market Report.” While there were industries that suffered due to the Coronavirus, the game industry is said to have done well overall due to a demand from people being shut in. You can see the truth in that just looking at the numbers, and the game market seems to have achieved growth in 2020. Looking at different regions, Asia-pacific accounted for about half of the game market, leaving North America, Europe, the Middle East and Africa.

Reference: Newzoo 「2020 Global Games Market Report」

The place we’re focused on in Asia-Pacific is India. India’s population is about 1.35 billion, making it the second biggest population compared to China’s 1.44 billion, with third place held by the US at 3.3 million. So there are quite a lot of people. You just can’t ignore a market that large. So, for this article we did some research on the game market in India.

1. Infrastructure

There are 560 million internet users in India, the second most in the world after China, and that’s expected to become 650 million by 2023. They also have about 81% of the world’s 4G smartphones. (Though apparently not all 4G smartphone users use the internet.) In addition, India has the lowest offered communication fees in the world.

2. Android ? iOS?

The breakdown of smartphone users in India is 95% Android, 3% iOS, with the rest using Indian developed OS’s.

3. Mobile Game Market

In India, the mobile game market is overwhelmingly larger than the console market. As game consoles are expensive, only upper-middle class families own them. According to Sensor Tower, there were 730 million mobile game downloads in the first through the third quarters of 2020, the most in the world. And it’s estimated about 136.5 billion yen was spent by the end of 2020, which is nearly 1.3 billion dollars.

Looking at this data, trying to break into that sort of market seems obvious, but that’s not the reason that India’s game market is booming right now. There’s a larger one.

4. Game users in India are thirsty for new games

The Chinese game PUBG is monopolizing the top of India’s mobile game charts. Furthermore, recently a lot of Chinese games are being deleted by the government of India. Not all Chinese games have been deleted, but it’s been said that trend is expected to continue. If so, that means the game that’s been monopolizing the Indian game market might disappear, which could frustrate users who want to play games, but have nothing to play. I believe this could be a big chance for game companies from other countries.

5. English is A-OK

If you release a game in India, do you have to localize it into Hindi? You would think so, but most people in India speak English. In addition, currently most games released in India right now are released in English. Therefore, if you’ve localized a game in English, then you can release it as is, and even if you haven’t, you can localize it into English, and then release it in not only India, but other English-speaking countries as well.

This was my take on the booming game market in India. For those who want to hear more, or venture into this market, please contact AGM. When it comes to expanding into international markets, we are professionals, and would be happy to assist.

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