Localizing Titles for International Releases: A Case Study 2

When releasing a game internationally, localization is indispensable. We’ve written numerous blogs about how translation alone isn’t enough, how important localizing towards your target locale is, but I believe something just as important as the content itself is title localization. Generally, many games will take the Japanese title and translate it to the target language, attaching subtitles as necessary, or, Romaji the title.

However, some clients have doubts about whether their title will be sufficient in the target language, will wonder how people in the target locale will feel about it. Ideally, you’d do research in the target locale ahead of time, but that’s not a realistic option due to the cost. AGM can be a great resource when you just want to hear the opinion of people from the target locale rather than do large-scale research. We generally have staff from around 20 countries on hand, and depending on the language, multiple people. Thanks to this, we can give them questionnaires. And, of course, they’ll be professional, so they’ll give thoughtful answers that can be used as data in reports, nothing wishy-washy.

For this article, using our client’s permission, we would like to present some of the services we’ve provided at AGM.

Client: Historia

Request: Questionnaire for natural English titles and catch copy ideas

1. These are the title and catch copy ideas we received from the client, Historia.

Title Ideas:

・光の市場 → The Market of Light

・未知の市場 → The Unknown Market

・市場の探索 → Exploration in the Market

Catch copy ideas:

・この興奮を共に → Let’s share this exciting feeling together

・我々は新しい時代の到来に興奮している → We are all very excited about the coming of a new era

・この面白い時代を共に → Let’s jump together in this exciting era

・新時代の祭が始まった! → A new era of festivities has begun!

・この面白い時代を楽しもう → Let’s enjoy this exciting era

2. Questionnaire answered by native speakers

Below, we have a questionnaire from our native English speakers.

We collected the titles, and put the results into graphs like below.

Title ideas:

Catch copy ideas:

3. Alternate catch copy

Regarding the catch copy, we also suggested alternate, more natural-sounding ideas.

Catch copy ideas:

4. Report Creation

The data put into the graph and comments from natives are put together in an easy-to-understand reports.

The reports we presented in this article greatly satisfied our clients. At AGM, our staff enjoys taking on the challenges of not just content localization, but title and catch copy localization as well.

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