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The world is full of video content right now with the wave of digital transformation we’re riding, on top of the external factor of the coronavirus. From promotional videos for artists and companies, TV shows, movies, and anime, people all over the world are able to easily share their videos on sites like YouTube. Anyone can globally post or view a smorgasbord of content, from cooking and make up tutorials, to gaming livestreams.

Yet to increase views, you must overcome the language barrier. Evidence of this is the fact that over the course of the past year, the need for the translation of subtitles, onscreen text and images, and audio has been greatly increasing.

For a long time re-recording audio in a video was a surprisingly time-consuming and labor-intensive process. It was offered as a service on its own. At Active Gaming Media, we use a unique method to transcribe the audio in a video file into text, including timestamps. We can transcribe accurately even when multiple people are talking at once, or for videos with multiple languages.

Apart from transcribing audio, we can also provide one-stop services like translating that transcribed text, recording voice, and incorporating the translated text and audio When doing so, we adjust the timing and length of the subtitles, because there’s a limit to the speed people can read at, and a limit to the amount of text they can read at one time. Sometimes we have to liberally translate and shorten the subtitles in a way that doesn’t affect the original text. When this is necessary, we utilize the know how we’ve cultivated doing game translation.

As some of you might know, YouTube has a feature that automatically translates subtitles, which can also translate the summary text as well. If these translations are for words, or short sentences, everything sounds fairly natural, and the meaning is usually conveyed. But when it comes to long sentences, the automatic translation causes unnaturalness, and blatant mistranslations are common. The meaning could be lost, or you could cause unnecessary misunderstandings. The more important the content, the more strongly we recommend manual translation.

If you have content you’d like to distribute overseas, or just want to increase your views, feel free to contact Active Gaming Media, localization experts, anytime.

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