The New Shape of Business

The other day, we participated as one of the exhibiting companies in the online event sponsored by, “Second Anime/Manga Summit 2021.” The event, which featured 220 companies, was all online, so it was impossible to imagine what it might be like until it actually started. The number of in-person events has greatly decreased because of the coronavirus. Our sales staff, who haven’t had the chance to try anything new in a while, have started focusing on online events as their new style of business.

When the first state of emergency was declared, many companies, including ours, held online seminars (you can read a story about our seminar here). There are still many to be found, and with the number of online events increasing, I feel that the way we do business is changing, and we have to adapt.

So, how was the actual event? Everything was online, from the preparations to the actual event, so we could do everything while sitting at our desks. The sponsors were able to put together an information session online for us, and all of our questions were quickly answered by the people in charge. During the event, though it was online, each company had their own booth that you could “visit.” The system allowed you to download their materials and make appointments. When you logged in, your icon appeared on the screen, so you could move your icon around the virtual event space. Getting closer to other icons allowed you to speak to them. When AGM staff tested this ground-breaking system, we all had a great time moving our icons around each others.

I believe this a first for There were things that certainly could have been done differently, but if this type of system becomes the norm, it feels like doing live events will become unnecessary.

While we still don’t know what will happen with the coronavirus, thinking about new business styles, and groundbreaking ways of doing things is very exciting.

Speaking of new business styles, one new thing is the app “Clubhouse” that’s been trending recently, not just online, but on TV as well. It’s been called an audio version of twitter. It’s been gathering attention, as lots of actors and well-known celebrities are all using it. There’s also news that some industries are already using it for PR, and recruiting talented people. Time will tell whether this app will be useful for business as well.

Our CEO has also started using it as well, so I look forward to seeing what it’s like.

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