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Active Gaming Media does more than just translate and localize games, anime, and manga. As mentioned in a previous blog post, we also handle a wide range of general translations. Clients also come to us for other projects aside from translation work, which may involve foreign languages or not. While it’s difficult to handle every requests, we’ll do our best to work with you and get everything sorted out. With that being said, I’d like to now highlight some of the unique projects we’ve worked on so far.

1. Universal banned words list creation

Just like any other country, there are certain words and phrases that are banned on TV and radio in Japan. These terms differ and change depending on the country. Not only are there terms relating to discrimination, morality, and sexuality, there’s also country-specific religious, political, and historic differences.

A casual, everyday conversation in Japan could be considered taboo in some other countries. We’ll of course advise you of these potential issues if you request translation or localization with us. The game company that requested the creation of the banned words list, which had also been looking ahead to future overseas expansion, had researched such words in advance and created the game so that such words could not be included from the beginning.

When we realized the banned words list was being included for the first time in the game’s expansion to the overseas market, we had to fix everything. A lot of time and work could have been saved if the list hadn’t been used from the start.

2. Test voice acting for speech recognition tools (various languages)

This was a project to record sample test voices for a car navigation system in multiple languages. These test voice samples needed to include various ages and accents to see if they would be picked up. As such, we recorded various patterns, even for the same language.

Let’s take French for example. First, there’s the French accent spoken in France for men and women in their 20s and 30s to 60s. Add to this Canadian French and Belgian French, which differ in accent for men and women for each age group. Even though the language is the same, we recorded the different variations.

For English, we used voice samples from non-native English speakers from Europe and samples of Asian accents. This was in addition to American, British, and Australian English speaker samples. All in all, this was a fairly difficult project.

3. Mystery shopping

These days, there aren’t that many international tourists due to COVID-19, but before the virus, there was an abundance of those tourists. To provide better service to them, we’d often receive requests for mystery shoppers. The job entails someone of the requested nationality going to the client’s shop or restaurant as a guest in order to check how the store treats its customers. We consult with clients to decide what points to include in the survey, but with our level of corporate awareness we really do want international visitors to experience the same hospitality that Japanese people do.

There’s still more interesting requests, but we’ll share those in a future post. If you need help with keywords such as “foreigner” or “multilingual,” feel free to contact us.

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