Voice recording service explained in 1 minute

Voice recording service for games

Games these days regularly include voice acting. When an overseas game is to release in Japan, we implement the Japanese voice acting. This is most likely why we get asked if we can also do the Japanese voice recording when we get localization requests.

Leave it all to Active Gaming Media.

Sure, that may sound like a generic sales-pitch, but we’re actually affiliated with several voice studios and voice actor offices, and we also make arrangements for voice actors. Once we receive the game text, we can translate it, record the audio in the target language, edit it, and deliver it in the specified audio file.

Most of the requests we receive regarding voice recording come from China. Chinese people are fairly familiar with Japanese voice actors, and often can link certain characters to their voice actors. We can handle everything from negotiations with famous voice actors to scheduling. For cases where the client doesn’t have a large budget, or when they don’t know much about voice actors, we can also cast voice actors who match the image of the characters to fit with the budget.

In addition to games, we’ve handled a wide range of projects like company promotional videos/documents and announcements for transportation services. When it comes to languages, in addition to Japanese of course, we can record English, Chinese, and Korean in Japan. We also have partners for other languages, so please feel free to contact us.

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