AGM & Playism: "Branching Paths": a documentary covering 2 years of the Japanese indie game scene, available from July 29th

What is "Branching Paths"?


"Branching Paths" is a documentary that offers a close look into the indie game scene in Japan of recent years.

Over the last few years, the Japanese game industry has been compelled to acknowledge the stride of influential indie game creators. The surge of passion behind this new scene was further promoted with the Tokyo Game Show exhibiting a booth with indie game creators as its main feature for the very first time in 2013.

Wanting to discover what is driving this shift towards indie games and to hear the thoughts and feelings of the indie creators at the center of it, director Anne Ferrero set off on a journey to create a documentary that could be shared with gamers all around the world. Her journey lasted 2 years, cumulating in the documentary "Branching Paths".

"Branching Paths" depicts a new world woven together by Japanese indie game developers, publishers and many more. It explores not only the struggles of artistic expression, but also the conflicts indie developers face gambling their own survival in pursuit of their dreams.

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■ Production: ASSEMBLAGE

■ Director: Anne FERRERO

■ Music: LOW HIGH WHO?

■ Logo / Poster design: utomaru

■ Sales: PLAYISM

■ Genre: Documentary

■ Release date: 7/29/2016

■ Price: 9.99 USD

■ Scheduled release platforms: PLAYISM/Steam

■ Length: 83 minutes


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