PLAYISM, platform for the finest indie games from around the world presents... Angels of Death will be released worldwide on December 20th on Steam/Playism

Angels of Death

Angels of Death is a psycho horror adventure game composed of four parts. It is developed by Stardust KRNKRN (Makoto Sanada). Angels of Death exploded in popularity in Japan through Den-fami Nico Game Magazine, operated by Dwango Co. Ltd., where it was released as a serialized game. Currently Angels of Death has also held café events and been turned into a comic.

Now, Angels of Death has been localized for the first time in English, Korean and Chinese (traditional) in order to reach a worldwide audience via Steam and Playism.


Ray, a 13 year old girl, wakes in the lowest level of a building’s basement. With most of her memory missing and no idea why she is here, she starts seeking a way out. As she wanders around, she comes face to face with Zack, a murderer whose face is bandaged and bears a resemblance to the Grim Reaper.
"Please, kill me." "If you get out with me, then I'll kill you."
Their strange "promise" formed a peculiar bond between the two of them.
Where are they? Why were they caught?
They desperately try to escape from the sealed building!


Zack: Murderer

Real Name: Isaac Foster. Age: Unknown, estimated to be around 20. Seeing people who are happy and unwilling to kill themselves irritates him. He takes pleasure in causing people to show strong emotions, such as fear or hope, so he tends to scare his victims and then slash them. According to the document in B4, he was left at an unauthorized orphanage as a child. He isn’t very smart and tends to not think about things before acting.

Ray: Sacrifice

A 13 year old girl who has lost her memory. Real Name: Rachel Gardner.Woke in the lowest level of a building’s basement, and soon met Zack. With the desire to get out of the building, the two formed a peculiar bond. After working together with Zack because of an agreement “to be killed” by him, they proceed through the building’s floors. Ray has a tendency to not show human emotion. She got confused after Zack told her “If you don’t show human expressions, I’ll lose my desire to kill you”.


• Consisting of 4 episodes, each containing entertaining and literary interesting stories - A storytelling style that is designed full of 2D game technology
• A psycho horror with a crazy serial killer
• A variety of missions, including "shooting" and "escape" themes.
• 4 games – each an episode in the story – released in one


Title: Angels of Death
Price: $9.99
Developer: Stardust KRNKRN (Makoto Sanada), KADOKAWA                                DOWANGO CORPORATION
Publisher: PLAYISM, Mugen Creations Genre: Psycho Horror Adventure
Languages: English, Japanese, Korean, Chinese (Traditional)
Release Date: December 20, 2016


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